How I made Instagram tidier with my new highlight covers

Today's world is full of everflowing information. For me, the key to avoid feeling overwhelmed is staying organized. Since I mainly stay connected to my friends and community on Instagram, I decided to make it as tidy as possible. It was a fun little thing to do, and the result? Six custom highlights covers!


I thought I was mainly doing it for myself and no one would care about those things... But after such great feedback, I decided it would be a shame to keep these little somethings just for myself. So I am sharing them with you! Feel free to use them on Instagram by saving them to your phone, or just screenshot them and make them nicely centered. Instagram goals! 


The six covers include Drawing, Traveling, Inspiration, Shopping, Wallpapers/Social media, and Amazon. Of course, Amazon is a specific drawing I am currently working on, but the cover itself is perfect for all the plant-lovers out there.


You can find all of them on my Instagram or Pinterest. Yes, I am slowly working on my Pinterest presence as well, and hopefully, I will be able to post regular content there soon. More about my Pinterest ventures in another blog, stay tuned!


I would love to see how many of you enjoy them as much as I do! So don't forget to tag me @deniminar or #deniminar. And if you're interested, they can even decorate your website or help you with branding. Also feel free to change color of the background to fit your style even better. The whole package is available for commercial purposes in full quality for just 5$ on my website.

I cannot wait to see all the lovely places that these little creations will travel to, and all the beautiful people they'll get to meet. I hope you're one of them.






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