ZZ Plant

I remember walking to my brand new, unfurnished studio, carrying Zamioculcas in a flowerpot. Right away, I found the perfect place for my first plant, even before I unpacked my pens and started creating. Overseeing the very beginnings of my professional art journey, her presence has convinced me to fill the studio with more and more plants. A print of my hand-drawn, beloved Zamioculcas would love to witness all of your new beginnings, too.

Read more about the Plants & Flowers collection in my blog.

- 264 gsm fine art paper, multiple sizes
- Indoor use
- This print is not numbered or limited as it is offered at a discounted price
- Unframed, printed in USA
- Image remains copyright of Deni Minar and can not be reprinted or used for commercial use
- please contact us for commissions

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