Native American Man - colored print

A Chief - the fearless, respected leader of exceptional wisdom. His wrinkles reflect the trials of life, and feathers on his headdress were awarded to him for his brave deeds. In my eyes, he symbolizes the resilience of his people, whose nature-loving culture has been a lifelong inspiration of mine. This artwork is an expression of my humble admiration and a tribute to Brian, Bellamino, and all other Native Americans whom I met in Acoma during my study trip in New Mexico. Just like a feather in Chief's headdress, I hope my artwork will become a new, unusual addition to your collection.

- 264 gsm fine art paper, multiple size
- Indoor use
- This print is not numbered or limited as it is offered at a discounted price
- Unframed, printed in USA
- Image remains copyright of Deni Minar and can not be reprinted or used for commercial use
- please contact us for commissions

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