Deni Minar

Turtle - the generous caretaker

During my trip to New Mexico, Native Americans have introduced me to Totem animals - embodiments of the spirits that provide guidance and protection on our journey through life. Turtle's firm shell carries a compassionate, generous caretaker always in tune with nature's delicate melodies. Even though we cannot choose our totem animal ourselves, my Turtle artwork would love to choose you. Let its caring, protective energy spread all across your cozy home.

Read more about my Totem Animals collection in my blog.

Five pieces from each artwork (20″x20″ and 30″x30″) are available as a collectible, printed on the Hahnemühle paper of the highest quality with a personal note from the artist
- All of the prints are inspected individually to make sure they meet my quality standards and there are no flaws
- Image remains copyright of Deni Minar and can not be reprinted or used for commercial use

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